Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just When I Thought It Was Over

June 2009

And Pontiac wonders why it is going under.

I did finally get reimbursed for the charges that weren't supposed to be billed to me. The car was fixed, the money returned, and all was well.

Except that I kept getting recall notices for the same problem. I finally decided to end the needless death of trees on my behalf and took the time to call the latest dealer indicating it was time for me to come in and have the window bolts replaced. I explained the work had been done at [my home town dealer]. I was quickly informed I needed to contact it.

So I did.

'We'll get back to you.' the faceless entity on the other end informed me. It hung up...without asking for any contact information.

Buy anything else but don't buy Pontiac.

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